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Mr. Gems In The Gym

On A Mission To Shift The Culture through basketball; 1 pass, 1 dribble, 1 shot, 1 rebound at a time.

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Making the game shine, one gym at a time.

Supporting Talent

Mr. Gems In The Gym, also known as Kameo Williams or Coach Kam; the man behind the brand. 

Born in SoCal, but Gems at this point, is a Bay Area native. Beginning his coaching career in NJB and AAU over 20 years ago, Gems has played every role there is in the game. From scout, coach, event organizer, trainer, to branching off the court and serving as a mentor, teacher and father figure. Gems experience ranges from elementary to college athletes; while his services extend to media coverage, creating recruiting profiles, providing recommendations and much more. 

Having put on well over 100 events in the past 24 years from tournaments, camps and training sessions, to classroom sessions and educating players on the full spectrum of he game; Kameo Williams has earned the title of basketball connoisseur. 

These days you can find Coach Kam roaming around a court near you, camera in hand, enjoying the game behind the lens. But don't worry, he still gets his hands dirty...

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